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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Screenshot Gallery ver 0.3.1, Is Ready!!

You can see it working here, and now it has it’s own page here Screenshots Gallery. This new version is really improved on the server-side and small changes has been made on the client-side to create smaller thumbnails. The current features are: A bash script that take and upload the screenshots using a ssh […]


Via: Todo sobre el canibal que la vio en Vecindad Gráfica


In my new job we there is a heavy use of the company mail, and most of the people use outlook to check his mail. Actually, most of the people doesn’t know that there is a web version, well, After having a fight against spam this week(installing spamassassin in the corporate mail) I tougth that […]

Spamassassin is under control!

After 3 days of hard work, I finally made work Spamassassin, I learn a lot about Spam, Qmail, DNSs and IMAP. Now we are training Spamassassin (789 hams and 1034 spams right now), I made a nice script that allows me to trigger training automatically. Thanks to everyone for your help (specially Izto). See you […]

Screenshoter advance on little steps

My Screenshoter script is getting mature (and big), the client that uploads the screenshots is the same, but the server script has turned in a full application. Today I finished the translation system, date detection and generation (in the selected language of course), and refactored everything as objects. Now I have a pretty nice Images […]

O que recuerdos…

“Entusiasmadas, las chicas se dejan grabar con una cámara de vídeo, mientras dan su mejor desempeño en la golpiza…”

Mmm, interesting

Finally an XBox

Well I finally got my xBox,

First screenshoter victim

Alejandro Sanchez has installed the most recent version of Screenshoter, you can look at it here.

I died and gone to heaven

Today I found wrox p2p forums, and they are as great as his books.