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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Does anybody know something about Jed Brown?

Jed Brown is the guy that made the ScribeFire extension for Firefox( along with many other extensions) or at least the Performancing extension that precede it, one time a long time ago he came to Guadalajara and hosted the first Firefox Party. Well, recently I have been talking with some people that worked with him, […]


Sinónimo de “el que flota”, “el que no toca el piso”, o “el que mira a todos para abajo”, músicoalzado que se cree un regalo de Dios para la congregación. Visto en: Pensando en Voz Alta (reconstruido)

Miltown: Zeds invading from the West

The Suburb of Whittenside has been punched very hard this last week, people from Fort Perryn hasbeen asking for help in near hospitals, almost always beaten and infected. Now the zombie mob is slowly moving into Miltown, be careful guys!!! Share this report TinyURL: