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Changing Gears

Today (Actually it was yesterday) I decided to do some changes to my carrer, The first one is evident. My blog is going to be completly in english from now on (and also any other public document written by my hands).

This decision was taken for various reasons.

1.- Almost everyone that reads this blog, also speak english.
2.- An Increasing number of my contacts are from outside Mexico. Most of them from France.
3.- I don’t speak french, but I do speak english and soo they do.
4.- I can reach a wider range of potential-employers in this way.
5.- I can reach a wider range of readers in this way

My second decision was to finally write down my web development methodology and release it together with my framework.

I’m going to deploy a wiki for that matter, not to allow public additions, but more because I love to write in the wikis and I hate to write in OpenOffice or any other Microsoft Word clone.

For this proyect I’m armed first with my own experiencie, second with a bunch of references that I bougth since the last week.

1.- php|architect’s Guide to PHP Design Patterns.
2.- 37signal’s Getting Real.
3.- php|architecs one year subscription.

With all this my methodology could be a really nice book. But instead of that I’m just gonna make it public under some CC license.


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