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Compiling Inkscape .44!!

inkscape_logo.jpg I love inkscape, and I was extremely excited when I find out that version .44 was finally out, I installed it on my Windows and ¡wow! it really was better, but I don’t like Windows, and I don’t work on windows soo.

After a few research I found on inkscape’s wiki how to compile inkscape for my Ubuntu Drapper (it’s really easy).

Before anything else Download it!!

Now just follow the next commands in zombie mode.

tar -xvzf inkscape-0.44.tar.gz
cd inkscape-0.44/
sudo apt-get install checkinstall
sudo apt-get build-dep inkscape
sudo apt-get install liblcms-dev libboost-graph-dev build-essential
sudo checkinstall

After about half hour you will have inkscape up and running. It’s really good looking to the eyes, and they finally added script support by default, and a nice docked color palette.

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