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I don’t know what to buy!!!

29th July was my birthday, and from two weeks before that I was chossing what to buy for myself.

The options are:

  • An XBox: It runs linux, you can crack it easily, and you can even play tuxracer on it.
  • An iPod Nano 1G: You know the fashion, the promise of install Linux on it and play Doom2 on it (yes, you can play Doom2 on them).
  • A Graphire: I could finally make my Linux comic strip!!
  • A really big package full of thinkgeek stuffs (but I already got a keyboard from them).
  • Another 512Mb of ram for my laptop (to finaly reach the GB), mmm borring!!!!

And that’s pretty much all that I have been thinking, the problem is that I don’t know what to buy. Any idea out there?

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