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Monthly Archives: August 2006


UPDATE:Aparently the FTP version doesn’t works behind a firewall, so, I made an ssh version, enjoy. Yesterday I made a little script to take screenshots and upload them using ssh, now I remade the whole thing and changed it for FTP (for a much more general support), and added a very basic server side script […]

Que cosa más rara…

Hoy quise probar KDE, algo había oído de que sera muchísimo más personalizable y con más opciones que Gnome así que hice la prueba. Efectivamente tiene muchas opciones y además grandiosos efectos gráficos out of the box, pero cosa curiosa, una vez que instalé KDE , haciendo: #sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop Mi Gnome dejo de […]

Playing around with Screenshots and SSH Servers

During the weekend I find out an Enlightenment epplet that allowed me to take an screenshot and upload it to a FTP server. But it wasn’t working quite right. So I made my own scripts. Of course I use other already existant software, make sure you have this packages installed before continue. ssh scrot And […]

New face of

The first thing I did when I bought was to make a temporal welcome page that redirected users to the only valid subdomain in that time. Now I have several projects going on and I think that a it deserves a new Welcome page with links to all of them. So, a new […]

Microsoft y Yo, no nos llevamos.

Hace un par de días intente usar Windows para diseñar un poco en CorelDraw. El resultado: no aguante ni 10 minutos bajo Windows, mejor reinicie eh hice todo en el buen Inkscape bajo Linux. Está mala racha parece continuar, el xBox tan esperado… bueno, pues se chingo la fuente con una baja de luz en […]

xBox!!!, con un corto….

Pues como lo leen, mi xBox venia con un corto y tendré que ir a cambiarlo el día de hoy. Lastima, no pude jugar nada ayer, pero me pondré a mano hoy :D.

Me ruge la tripa!!

O como diría Frank: “Mi intestino grueso se está comiendo al delgado”

I don’t know what to buy!!!

29th July was my birthday, and from two weeks before that I was chossing what to buy for myself. The options are: An XBox: It runs linux, you can crack it easily, and you can even play tuxracer on it. An iPod Nano 1G: You know the fashion, the promise of install Linux on it […]

Testing Gnome-Blog

This is a Gnome-Blog test. 1, 2, 3 This is a Gnome-Blog test. Gnome-Blog is a Gnome applet that allows you to post blog entries directly from a gnome panel. It has WYSIWYG editing capabilities and you even can drag and drop pictures directly in the editing area. really great actually. It has support for: […]

There it comes!!

Update: It’s here !!!. And it’s really great to play with it. Happy Birthday to me!!! My Wolf Claw Devour FPS Keypad is almost here. From DHL’s package tracking system: 8/4/2006 1:00 pm With delivery courier. Guadalajara, Mexico 12:32 pm Arrived at DHL facility. Guadalajara, Mexico 11:55 am Clearance processing complete. Guadalajara, Mexico 9:00 am […]