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There it comes!!

Update: It’s here !!!. And it’s really great to play with it. Happy Birthday to me!!!

My Wolf Claw Devour FPS Keypad is almost here.

From DHL’s package tracking system:

8/4/2006   1:00  pm   With delivery courier.            Guadalajara, Mexico
           12:32 pm   Arrived at DHL facility.          Guadalajara, Mexico
           11:55 am   Clearance processing complete.    Guadalajara, Mexico
           9:00  am   On Hand.                          Guadalajara, Mexico
           5:19  am   Transit through sort facility.    Wilmington, OH
8/3/2006   7:52  pm   Departing origin.                 South Plainfield, NJ
           5:06  pm   Picked Up by DHL.                 Shipper's Door

I’m pretty sure that it’s gonna be in my home tonigth.

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