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Screenshot Gallery ver 0.3.1, Is Ready!!

You can see it working here, and now it has it’s own page here Screenshots Gallery.

This new version is really improved on the server-side and small changes has been made on the client-side to create smaller thumbnails.

The current features are:

  • A bash script that take and upload the screenshots using a ssh or ftp connection.
  • A powerfull template engine(basically a php file with the needed objects at hand, what could be more powerful than that?).
  • Automatic generation of thumbnails and web version of the screenshots.
  • Multiple language support (Currently English and Spanish, the strings list is really short, soo you should be able to translate it to your language really fast).
  • “Taken 2 Months, 15 Days ago” style text, taken from NatBat time_since() function.

RSS Feeds, Title/Description database storage and a Windows based uploader are on their way!.

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